Yep I bake cakes. I love baking cakes so much. from typical everyday cakes to cakes that look like eyeballs and other weird ideas my kids come up with. I typically don't make cakes for sale but occasionally if I have the time I will. If you are interested just shoot me an email at and I will let you know
Here are some of my favorite cakes I have made. 

Mikeys 7th Birthday -Zombie Theme - Red Velvet Chocolate Chip covered in fondant 

Joes 26th Birthday UFC Theme -Double Fudgey Chocolate Chip covered in molding chocolate. Everything except little guys are edible

Valentines Day 2011 - Yellow Chocolate Chip Pound Cake covered in molding chocolate with cake truffles on top :) 

 Mikeys 5th Birthday Pirate Theme - Chocolate Cake and CaNdY!

Baby Shower Cake (Ordered) Made to match bedset

Joeys 3rd Birthday Sponge Bob Theme - Crabby Patty Cake - Yellow Cake with Brownie 'Burger'

Pack 532 Christmas Party! Cake for 200people! Basic Chocolate and Vanilla Cake with Buttercream then added little gumpaste compass, hat, and vest on top. 

Funky Swirl Cake for FuN!